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Fallen 2 Fallen 2

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Wow. Just wow.

This reminds me so much of my fiancee. Good job man, thanks for not making it overly showy like all the other fuck head artists with M-rated art, lol.

Now for some "painful" criticism, I don't feel the emotion in this pic. I'm not sure what it is and I wish I could help you out, but its lacking something. What that something is, idk. Still pretty damn good though, friend. Keep it up, maybe you can find that missing spark to add to this 'fallen'. :)

...Maybe some sort of glow.

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Ani-x responds:

Yeah I agree with you, it is missing a certain something.
Maybe next time i sit down and do something i can capture "It" better.

or just add some bruce leroy to this one, he had the glow, ya know